“Our firm was fortunate to have Phil work with our attorneys and staff to help facilitate communication on issues to advance us forward as a team. Phil's real strength is that he is a great listener and can quickly hone in on the issues with great understanding. He is then able to lead effective discussion and provide encouragement to reach your goals. Phil thinks outside of the box. I would highly recommend him to any business that was considering hiring a personal or business coach.”

Beth Leone Noble, Leone Noble & Seate, LLC


"You have a rare talent to balance the business aspects of coaching while being personable. Your coaching has profoundly impacted my life. It gave me the courage to take specific actions in my life that I normally would not have done. My relationship with my wife has improved, and I am finally pursuing another career which is something I have talked about for decades and never did anything about. I also appreciated your flexibility in hours and physical or remote coaching."
Steve Benkin, Corporate Manager

“Phil has coached me through major life changes with integrity and out of the box thinking. Through his coaching I have been able to create a new dream career that

has taken off at a dramatic curve. Thank you for moving me to a new level of awareness and centered power. You really are gifted with what you do and have an incredible intuition on what the real issues are. You are an amazing coach worth every dime of investment into finding your way to your own center."

Candida Von Braun, Photographer

“I discovered Phil in early 2009, and while there are many coaches out there, I can say that Phil's approach is unique and not like any other I have tried. Through my work with Phil, I have conquered so many obstacles in my life and created so much space to achieve things I never thought I could. I feel happier, younger, and most of all inspired each day. Should I ever have an off moment, I just regroup and use my coaching tools I use with Phil. I also recommended him to people, and the effects have been positive. I plan to continue my work with Phil, and I recommend him to not only individuals, but also groups, firms, and all sorts of organizations.”

Karen Coltun, Financial Services Editor

"Because of your coaching, my husband and I have learned to recognize long standing, self-defeating internal dialogue and its possible origins. It's true freedom that has allowed us to begin a journey that's building positive momentum and touching the people with which we do business.  One client told me in a meeting last week that we're very lucky people because of the relationship that we share and are able to place that relationship positively in our business.  I believe that you've genuinely helped us to gather this momentum, all that's left for us to do is to ride it."

Holly and Chris Parker, Owners, Parker Visuals, Computer Graphics

"Phil's coaching work with us was instrumental in giving us the support and courage we needed to launch our new business. Phil helped guide us to look more deeply at our thought processes, motivations, and desires for the future - all of which helped to clarify and illuminate the obstacles we needed to overcome to begin to reach for our goals and pursue our dreams. Phil has a real passion for this work, and his insights and intuition can help anyone who seeks a better life."
Catherine Kline and Karen Huckabay, Brokers/Realtors

"Phil made a big difference in my life.  He helped me overcome some personal as well as professional hurdles and my business and personal life are the better for it.  Phil has such a nice way about him and I felt comfortable right off the bat.  He immediately tuned into what I needed, and the style of listening and interaction that would work with me.  I would recommend Phil to anyone who would like to grow. 

Lesley Gray, Owner, Another Daughter, Elder Care Services

"The impact of your coaching has been huge, fast and powerful. In just over three months of coaching, I went from a state of grief, confusion and hesitancy during a life and career transition to near completion of a Life Coaching Program and the beginning steps for my own Coaching Practice."

Terry McDougall, Ed.S., NCSP-School Psychologist

"You helped me change my life! I learned how to look at myself and the world differently by making authentic choices. Specifically, the coaching helped root out my fears until I realized those fears were baseless. Your requests and challenges kept me taking action on what was really important to me. I feel empowered to step out into the world with confidence, wide open and with great anticipation of my future. "

Trinnie B., Attorney

"Since I began life coaching with "Stepping Stones Coaching", my life has dramatically turned around. In early 2006, I was unemployed, single and very dissatisfied with almost every aspect of my life. Today, in October of 2006, I am employed in my chosen profession in a facility that I enjoy with people I like and respect; I have just moved

into a new home with a wonderful man whom I love and we are planning to marry

next year. Phil helped me to release the stories of the past and to find my voice to become what I believe to be my authentic self."

Jennifer G, Nurse

"Phil is extremely intuitive, and many times picked up on subtle clues from me to verbalize a suggestion or idea. It was uncanny how many times he was right on the mark. I really liked Phil's special talent to capitalize on intuition. Since I began working with Phil a little more than a year ago, my average monthly sales have increased by 43%, my income results have been much more consistent, and I have greater peace of mind about the direction in which my business is heading."

Teb B., Former High Tech Marketing Executive Who Made the Transition to Entrepreneur

"I want you to know that the work we did together was instrumental in manifesting

my move to Asheville and new job. Your coaching made me aware of things I didn't realize I thought, felt or did. Our connection and my trust in you helped me be more open and get better results.

S.C., Contract Manager

"Your coaching helped me pursue dreams that I had been suppressing for ten years. Your coaching and the exercises we completed helped me shake up, define, and understand what I really wanted. Coaching served as a catalyst for getting me going.
Now that I'm pursing my dreams, I am much more fulfilled."
Joe, Home Builder and Technical Writer

"The immediate effect of our coaching has been the importance of having a balanced life plan and not allowing myself to be distracted from it. It is ok to be"selfish" with my time. I am not who I think I am: I am what I think I can be."

Robert S., Financial Advisor

"Phil provides a unique approach providing opportunities for new ideas and thoughts while assisting persons via self exploration necessary to assist in the development of his/her career path."
Peter C., Senior IT Executive

"Your coaching had a profound impact on my life. For the first time I was able to 
focus my growth in a way that made me feel like I was making significant progress."
Amy Holloway, Executive Director of Public Agency

“Being coached by Phil has greatly improved my professional relationships and has made me more productive and focused on the job. I’m more relaxed enabling me to handle stress better. I still take my job seriously, but emotionally, I depend much less on the approval of my company and my boss. The effect on my personal life is tremendous. I have gained confidence, am more self-assured, and am less anxious when meeting new people. I was able to better understand what my ideal relationship would be like. Prior to coaching, I knew exactly what I did not want, but not what I wanted. My needs have become much clearer to me now.Thank you, Phil, for your excellent insightful coaching! I feel that I am a more complete balanced being. I will definitely use your coaching services again.
Wolfgang R., Biomedical Imaging Scientist

"Coaching helps in all areas of life. For me, it brought increased clarity. I have less stress, an increase in productivity and the courage to do the things that need to be done on a daily basis.Tom Deadmore, Mortgage Consultant/Banker

"Thank you, Phil. Working with you has helped me feel more hopeful and in control of my career path."

Attorney, Durham, NC

"You were a wonderful guide and helped me navigate the terrain of my life with great

clarity and a strong sense of direction."

Karl Mundt, MBA, Financial Advisor

"The right coach gives you the room to discover the answers you already have 
and the tools to keep in touch with your true self. Phil is the right coach 
for me at the right time."

Holly, Mortgage Loan Specialist

Client Story

"My life has turned into a testimonial for Phil, who I was introduced to about two years ago. What should be easy to write is not because every day is an example of what I have done with his brilliance. Allow me to give you an example of the possibilities that have opened for me. I lived in New York City, and had a successful design and construction business, at least in terms of economics. It was a hard business, performing each day, interacting with clients, managing inventory, paperwork, and employees. I bought a vacation place in Florida last year with the intention of spending a week a month away from the grind, at least that was my initial plan. Well, the week soon became 10 days, and then in January on New Years Day I came to stay. I didn't actually know that then, but the joy of finding beauty and peace, along with the adventure of activity and the enrichment of new relationships, has brought me to this balanced place that leaves me at the happiest time of my life. This past month I enrolled in Toastmasters, a club that teaches speaking to an audience. This past weekend, at 66 years old, I was a ball boy at the Sarasota Open Tennis Tournament. Today I was hired to design and manage the construction of an apartment renovation in my building. Tomorrow, I will awake to a beautiful sunrise, and toast a beautiful sunset. And the future holds all the possibilities. Thank you Phil, for leading me along the path of authenticity. Thank you for encouraging the value of risk coupled with inner satisfaction. And thank you for helping me set the ego in it's place. I'm not Gandhi yet, but imagine the possibilities while trying to get there!"

Alan Yaruss, Owner, Designs & Purposes, Inc.



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