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Emergence CD
A Meditative Journey Through The Seasons

As human beings, we are part of nature and like nature, we are subject to the rhythm of change. Each season is different than from the next, and if you accept the season you are in, you can start to live in flow and harmony with who you are meant to be. The Emergence CD takes you on a transformative journey through each of the seasons, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer with guided visualizations and soothing original musical selections. You will be prompted to release negative states and emotions, and connect to your dreams and visions of an authentic, empowered life. Composed and Produced by Phil Okrend.

CD-Emergence CD-Emergence


CD $15.00

Read the Glowing Review of Emergence in Choice, The Magazine of Professional Coaching - April 2008  By Marcy Nelson Garrison, MA, CPCC

"The Emergence CD is beautiful and imaginative. With the cycles of nature as a metaphor, Phil Okrend leads you on a gentle and sensuous guided journey through Fall (release); Winter (germinating); Spring (blossoming); and Summer (fullness). You can listen to the full CD or choose the track you want. Not only is Okrend a coach, he is also a musician who wrote and performed the original music on the CD. Like most guided meditations,the music is underneath the guided journey. What is unique about this CD is that the music is repeated in its entirety following each meditation. What a gift this is; the music is beautiful and allows you to linger in that relaxed state. You can also let it take you on a journey of its own. Use this CD in group work that focuses on personal exploration and transition or in retreat settings."

Here's what John Assaraf of the hit movie, The Secret and advocate of meditation, had to say about this CD,

       "I had a chance to listen to Emergence, and loved the "seasons" approach,

         Great Job."                                                                 

                                                              John Assaraf, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur


Here's what others are saying about the Emergence CD

“The connection between mind and body in medicine and life is incontrovertible. In our everyday hectic and stressful lives, it is easy to feel out of sync with ourselves and our own natural rhythms. This CD helps to facilitate a reconnection with our true selves, contribute to one’s health and wellness, and possibly serve in the prevention of disease.”

Lisa Tolnitch, MD, FACS

Tolnitch Surgical Associates

"If you're looking for a meditation CD to use with clients, I highly recommend Emergence. In encouraging my clients to live more in sync with the seasons, eat seasonal healing foods, and to 'get slow', I've begun using the 'Emergence' meditation CD and really love it!"

                                                                                                      Jean Wright, CHC, AADP

                                                                                                     Certified Health Counselor

" I have had a chance to listen to Phil's Emergence CD and I encourage everyone to check it out!  I found it to be well done, very professional but more importantly, inspirational and beneficial!  I recently purchased a Louise Hay meditation CD which was great, but Emergence is superior in my opinion!"

                                                                                                        Vicki Penninger

                                                                                                        Reiki Master/Teacher

"Transforming, Relaxing and Healing. These are the words that come to mind with this CD! The title says it all and with the seasonal approach you are guaranteed to feel spiritually and emotionally liberated."

                                                                                                       Lorna Madill, RN
                                                                                                       Owner, Good Vibe Fitness


1. Introduction 2:10
2. Release(Guided Visualization) 8:53
3. Release(Music) 8:47
4. Rebirth(Guided Visualization) 7:08
5. Rebirth(Music) 7:06
6. Emergence(Guided Visualization) 8:59
7. Emergence(Music) 8:54
8. Floating(Guided Visualization) 9:12
9. Floating(Music) 9:14
  Total running time 69:03  
  ©2007 Philip Okrend  

Custom Affirmation CD Program

Composed and Produced by Phil Okrend and you

Your personal Affirmations CD is a powerful mind reconditioning process that combines your unique affirmations with soothing music to shift your mental focus to achieve the outcome and success you desire. Together we will:

• Acknowledge and identify your limiting beliefs.
• Gain clarity on what you really want.
• Create powerful affirmations of your desired vision.
• Record a CD of your affirmations using your own voice over my soothing original music.

Repeated listening of the CD works on an unconscious level to allow change to occur effortlessly.

This program consists of 3 sessions, including a guided visualization to uncover your desires, articulation of your affirmations and the recording and production of your Custom Affirmation CD.

Program cost: $500.

"Over 2 months ago Phil and I recorded my affirmations to his music. Since then I have been listening to them on a regular basis. Hearing the affirmations in my own voice is very powerful and has helped me focus on moving towards my goals and dreams, and diminish my self doubt. If ever I become frustrated or begin to have a negative attitude, I listen to my affirmation CD more often and I can feel my energy shift back to the positive, and I begin to move forward again."

                                                                                                 Heather Brewer, LCSW


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