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   Summer 2005  

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Making A Difference

Coaching For Results

This Month's Quote and Recommended Reading

Published by Philip Okrend, CPCC, Certified Personal And Professional Coach

Personal and Professional Coaching provides a powerful structure to help people focus on specific outcomes and stay on track. Find out what coaching can do for you. Contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation today.

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"My personal feeling is that everyone benefits from Personal Coaching. Whether or not you own a business, having a personal coach creates balance, peace and growth in your life. Some may need it longer than others. For me I went in with a 3-month program;and found that I needed more. It was time worth its weight in gold. Thank you Phil." -B. Phillips, Entrepreneur in Professional Customer Service Business

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   Dear Readers,

Welcome to Stepping Into Transition, the newsletter designed to help you navigate your way through the challenges of change into an authentic and empowered life.

  • Making A Difference
  •   I hope you are enjoying the fun and sun of the summer and staying cool. Here's a great little beach story with a profound message.

    An old man was walking along the beach, when he came upon a part of the sand where thousands of starfish had washed ashore. A little further down the beach he saw a young woman, who was picking up the starfish one at a time and tossing them back into the ocean. "You're wasting your time," he exclaimed. "There are thousands of starfish here. You can't possibly make any difference." The young woman reached down, picked up a starfish, and threw it as far as she could, back into the sea." I made a difference to that one," she said, and she reached down to pick up another.

    What a great story to use during times when you feel knocked down or discouraged. No matter how overwhelming things may be, know that every action you take when motivated by positive intent does make a difference. Ignore the naysayers who tell you that what you want to achieve is unrealistic or impossible. If the girl in the story had listened to the man, she most likely would have become discouraged, complacent, and would have lost the vibrant energy that was alive in her as she went about throwing the starfish. Believe in your convictions and commit to seeing them through. You never know the ripple affect this can have in the world. The difference you can make is right in your own hands.

  • Coaching For Results
  •   I offer a 30 minute complimentary session for you to learn how coaching can help you make your difference with the structure, focus and support to get you the results you want in your life and business.

    Please call me at 919-621-1578 or e mail me at to sign up for your complimentary coaching session.

  • This Month's Quote and Recommended Reading
  •   "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

    -Margaret Mead

    In Living A Life That Matters by Harold S. Kushner, the author describes how, in affecting the life of even one person in a positive way, we make a difference in the world, and prove that we do in fact matter. Inspiring and wise advice.

    I hope you enjoyed this edition of "Stepping Into Transition." Until next time. . .Phil

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