At Stepping Stones Coaching we offer a variety of services so that you can find the program that suites you best. Whether you are seeking a life transition, career change, healthier lifestyle, improved personal or business relationships, or a greater sense of peace and harmony, we take you through a process where we empower you to make a positive change in your life and business.


A Step by Step Process Builds the Momentum for Change

We believe that effective change is a step by step process where the accomplishment of each goal builds a powerful momentum, whereby the life you imagine is the life you actually begin to live.

The Coaching Process Keeps You Moving Forward To Achieve Your Goals

We know it is not easy maintaining momentum alone. As your coaches, We will keep you focused with structure, exercises, mentoring and support. The coaching process will motivate you to be accountable for your commitments while moving you forward in your life.

You Have the Answers. You Are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole

We believe you to be naturally creative, resourceful and whole. The answers and solutions you need are inside of you, and as your coaches we will be your facilitators in bringing forth your own plan and vision. We will also assist you in releasing any negative and self defeating beliefs that stop you from achieving what you really want.

The Coaching Relationship Provides a Safe and Confidential Environment

We highly value trust, respect, non judgment, and treat all your conversations as confidential. We will provide you with a safe space so you can explore, take risks and be courageous. Through this environment, your authentic self which knows what is right and meaningful for you will emerge to become the guiding force in your life.



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Phil Okrend of Stepping Stones Coaching, is a Certified Life and Business Coach located in Raleigh, NC with clients throughout the U.S.