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   December 2004  

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Perceiving The Ordinary As Purposeful

MixedBlessing Holiday Cards

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Published by Philip Okrend, Personal And Professional Coach

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   Dear Readers,

Welcome to Stepping Into Transition, the monthly newsletter designed to help you navigate your way through the challenges of change into an authentic and empowered life.

Whatever your faith or beliefs, I wish you a very happy holiday season with much joy and happiness for the new year. If you are ready to make profound changes in your life leading to the success, balance and fulfillment you desire, please contact me to book a free introductory coaching session. It may be the best gift you can give yourself.

  • Perceiving The Ordinary As Purposeful
  •   Last Sunday Evening, I tuned in to the TV movie of Mitch Albom's book, The Five People You Meet In Heaven. The story focuses on Eddie, an old World War II veteran who views his life work of fixing rides at an amusement park to be uninspired and meaningless. After Eddie dies trying to save a little girl in a ride mishap, he encounters five people in the afterlife.

    Through these five people, Eddie learns that his life and everything he did had a meaning and significance beyond what he believed was only a mundane and undistinguished existence. During his life, Eddie was unaware of his greater purpose and chose to be bitter about his circumstances. It is only after his death that Eddie understands the truth and is able to free himself from the pain he felt on earth.

    I believe there is a greater lesson that we can learn from this story. That is, we all have a purpose and that even our difficulies and disappointments in life can serve to illuminate this purpose. From this perspective, even the mundane moments of our lives can be viewed with meaning and we can choose to see our circumstances in the most positive light.

  • MixedBlessing Holiday Cards
  •   An interesting coincidence and a timely holiday topic is that my wife, Elise owns the greeting card company, MixedBlessing which specializes in holiday cards that join Christmas and Hanukkah in one unifying design. These cards have been popular for years and are getting much media exposure this holiday season.

    The day after Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet In Heaven was aired on TV, Elise was interviewed by Mitch on his radio show regarding MixedBlessing cards. A Meaningful Coincidence!

    I hope you enjoy the card image and stop by the MixedBlessing web site to see all they offer.

    Happy Holidays and look for more issues of Stepping Into Transition in 2005.

    Until next time -Phil

    MixedBlessing Web Site

  • This Month's Quote And Recommended Book
  •   Quote For December

    "I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble."

    -Helen Keller

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