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   August 2004  

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The One Perspective Trap

Creating Perspectives That Empower You

This Month's Quote And Recommended Reading

Published by Philip Okrend, Personal And Professional Coach

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"Your coaching has been invaluable in moving me from stuck to unstuck. A few months ago I had no clue and no drive to make changes, now I have the momentum to change." -Joe, Technical Writer

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   Dear Readers,

Welcome to Stepping Into Transition, the monthly newsletter designed to help you navigate your way through the challenges of change into an authentic and empowered life.

  • The One Perspective Trap
  •   Moving towards the change you really want in your life ultimately comes down to the power of choice. You can either choose from your values and vision or you can choose from your circumstances. Which do you think is the more empowering and authentic way to choose? Although you may say, "that's easy, values and vision", just look around and you see that people are not always choosing this way.

    For example, let's take a look at a situation where someone has recently become unemployed and judges this to be demeaning for them. This person then chooses to take a job offer that they are not thrilled with and gives up on exploring other possibilities of making a living. As this person chooses from the perspective of "unemployment is demeaning" and takes the job offer they may find themselves unsatisfied, bored and stagnant a few months down the road. By choosing from and remaining fixed in one perspective they have closed themselves off from other perspectives with other options that may be more harmonious with their values and vision.

  • Creating Perspectives That Empower You
  •   If you recognize that you are stuck in one way of seeing or doing things that is not bringing you closer to what you really want in your life, try identifying different perspectives.

    For example, our unemployed person could have brainstormed other perspectives to view their situation, ones that have more life, energy and don't seem as desperate. They could have chosen the perspective of "unemployment means I can start a business or free lance career" or "unemployment means I'm free, available to possibility" or "unemployment means I can focus on my health" or "unemployment means I can pursue a new degree" or "unemployment means I can be available to my children", etc.

    Why not try this for yourself. What other perspectives can you come up with to address a challenge or important decision that you want to make? It doesn't initially matter what your alternative perspectives are. You don't need to be attached to them as you make them up. Simply playing with perspectives allows for a climate of movement and possibility to occur.

    Of course change doesn't happen without actually choosing,committing to a plan and taking action. So it is important to spend time really getting inside the different perspectives and asking yourself "What would your world be like if you made a choice from the new perspective?" and "How energized would you be by choosing from this new perspective?" and "Is this choice in harmony with my sense of fulfillment and values?"

    Expanding your range of possible choices through playing with perspectives is a great way to move out of being "stuck" and to determining what is really most fulfilling to you. Practice makes perfect, so I encourage you to work with perspectives when facing an important decision so that you can be sure that your choice was not based on the circumstances of your life but rather from your most cherished values.

  • This Month's Quote And Recommended Reading
  •   Quote For August

    "Life is a process of becoming a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death."

    Anais Nin

    A classic, Stephen Covey's "The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People" is a book I highly recommend for those seeking effective principles to guide them through the challenges of personal and professional change.

    Look out for September's issue of "Stepping Into Transition" on "Using Metaphors To Move You Forward." Until then. . . Phil

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