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   January 2005  

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Intuition As A Tool For Change

Steps To Develop Your Intuition

This Month's Quote And Recommended Book

Published by Philip Okrend, Personal And Professional Coach

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   Dear Readers,

Welcome to Stepping Into Transition, the monthly newsletter designed to help you navigate your way through the challenges of change into an authentic and empowered life.

I hope you enjoy this first of a two part series on Intuition.

  • Intuition As A Tool For Change
  •   Some people call it a gut feeling or hunch, others call it their sixth sense. Whatever you may call it, we have all had moments when we knew the exact decision to make even when we had no knowledge or facts to verify the truth or accuracy of our internal feeling.

    In our logic driven culture that relies on statistics and predictability, there is a suspicion in relying on conclusions that can't be verified in advance. But as we know from living in these ever changing and often turbulent times there is less and less predictability in the world.

    I believe that intuition is more important now than ever. It carries an inner wisdom which can help you overcome many of life's challenges and give you confidence, energy and a sense of purposeful direction. But in order to be able to hear and access your intuition, it is important to nurture the conditions that can call it forth. Below are some practical steps to help you develop your intuitive voice.

  • Steps To Develop Your Intuition
  •   Schedule Time Alone To Clear Your Mind - It is important to remove yourself from distraction on an ongoing basis so that within the quiet of solitude, you can start to sense intuitive stimuli which may include physical sensations, images and emotions. Meditation and Journaling may be two useful tools you can use here.

    Tune In To Your Body's Wisdom - When making a decison, notice the internal signals that your body sends you. Do you feel energized by the decison or do you have a sick feeling in your stomach? How is your breathing? Effortless or strained? Are your muscles relaxed or tensed? Tuning into your body is something you can actively start to pay attention to.

    Notice Your Energy - It sounds simple but positive energy feels envigorating and supporting while negative energy feels tiring and depleting. Note the difference in the people and activities that nurture you and the people and activities that sap your strength. Spend more time with the former and avoid the latter if possible.

    Pay Attention To Your Beliefs -Letting go of limiting beliefs and creating life affirming and optimistic beliefs help you receive intuitive information. Beware Of Your Gremlin. To help you in this task, revisit the July 2004 issue of my newsletter. See below for article link.

    Take Action On Your Intuitive Messages - When you sense an intuition regarding a particular decision, make the decision and take action. If taking action on major decisions seems too daunting, try taking action on less significant decisions first and work your way up to the major ones. This will help you condition and build trust in your intuitive skills.

    Taming Your Gremlin, July 2004

  • This Month's Quote And Recommended Book
  •   Quote For January

    "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift; the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

    -Albert Einstein

    Recommended Book

    Awakening Intuition By Mona Lisa Schultz M.D., PH.D gives great insight into the intimate connection between intuition and well being.

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