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Phil Okrend: Stepping Stones Coachig, Life & Business

  Philip A. Okrend, CPCC, JD

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Seven Strategies

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 Communication at Work


    At Stepping Stones Coaching, we provide Coaching,

    Mentoring, Conflict Resolution and Leadership Training

    for professionals and organizations to achieve outstanding

    results in changing and diverse work environments.

    Through our coaching programs, you or your team will be given

    the tools to proactively move you from just coping or tolerating

    your circumstances to thriving with clarity, confidence, direction

    and energy. We specialize in working with:

    Professional Practices and Organizations on Conflict Resolution,

    Team Building and Leadership Skills

    Professionals and Executives in Transition

    Professionals, Business Owners and Students Seeking Clarity, Direction and Life Balance

    Business Partners and/or Couples Seeking Proactive Communication Skills

    Cross Cultural/ESL Coaching for Professionals, Managers and Employees

    Our coaching programs are suited to accomodate your needs. If it is convenient

    for you, we are happy to meet in person, but you can also have the option of sessions

    via telephone with email support. Telephone coaching offers you the benefits of comfort, convenience and privacy, allowing you to be coached anywhere in the world.

    When you participate in one of our coaching programs, you will: 

    • Learn how to reduce conflict and power struggle that is adversely effecting your organization's morale and bottom line


    • Build Pro-Active Communication Skills that empower individuals and teams to work together productively

    • Recognize and overcome self defeating patterns that are causing inertia or stuckness

    Find a greater sense of clarity, focus & direction in your professional & personal life  


    • Achieve goals with greater resourcefulness and resiliency

    • Learn how to optimize your inner strengths and talents

    • *For Cross Cultural/ESL Coaching - Communicate with confidence and leverage cultural differences to thrive in diverse business environments.

    We offer a variety of programs (individual, couples, groups, conflict resolution and corporate) that will support you in your coaching process, as well as a truly powerful coaching style that incorporates Truth with Compassion and is developed specifically to help you embrace the power of living in the moment. 


    Take Action Today! See what coaching can do for you. E-mail or call 919-621-1578

    to schedule a 30 minute consultation.

    My name is Phil Okrend, founder of Stepping Stones Coaching, Inc. As a Certified Life and Business Coach with experience (JD degree, psychology degree, trained mediator, successful business owner, certified ESL instructor through Duke University), I have had the privilege  of working with hundreds of clients and guiding them on a journey towards authentic success. My background and experience make me uniquely qualified to deal with the challenges faced by professionals, attorneys, doctors, managers and diverse multicultual work teams. I have been keenly interested in the ways that smart and educated people can limit their effectiveness by being in conflict with others, or becoming engaged in debilitating power struggles. I give them a way to see past their situation and to make empowering new decisions with new accompanying actions.

    In my professional journey, I began my career as an attorney, and I found myself dissatisfied with my career direction. As I started to honor my own feelings, I took chances, step by step that opened up to a new way of living and working that changed my life. Read more about Phil

    Phil is the author of the new coffee table book, Messages to the Heart, Reflections of Beauty and Truth, which pairs his mindful passages of inspiration and empowerment with the beautiful pastel paintings of his wife, artist Elise Okrend. Read about our upcoming Workshops and Book Events. Available on

    Call for information about our fees. Payment for our services can be made by check, or by using the following convenient and secure on line payment method:

    Stepping Stones Coaching Services

“Our firm was fortunate to have Phil work with our attorneys and staff to help facilitate communication on issues to advance us forward as a team. Phil's real strength is that he is a great listener and can quickly hone in on the issues with great understanding. He is then able to lead effective discussion and provide encouragement to reach your goals. Phil thinks outside of the box. I would highly recommend him to any business that was considering hiring a personal or business coach.”

Beth Leone Noble, Leone Noble & Seate, LLC


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Phil Okrend of Stepping Stones Coaching, is a Certified Life and Business Coach located in Asheville, NC with clients throughout the U.S.

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